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ECommerce Website Design

Professional eCommerce Solutions

Ecommerce Solutions are one of our specialties here at NioGio. We are experts in eCommerce and can help you from start to finish with any and all of your eCommerce needs. We complete everything from design, development and app integration.

There are several major platforms when referring to eCommerce. From Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy, we can assist you with them all. We can ensure you are completely setup on every platform that is key to your specific project.

Our goal is to create a premium eCommerce store that not only meets your needs, but also the customers needs.

We frequently deliver custom Shopify store builds for brands to showcase their products in the best light possible. Our online storefronts are designed to convert leads into customers as seamlessly as possible.

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What's Included in our eCommerce Sites?

Content Management System

Every ecommerce website we build comes with a comprehensive content and product management system. We use the most updated, secure and user-friendly CMSs available, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our CMSs allow you and your team to update content, products and manage sales quickly and with ease. Whether you’re looking to create promotions or discount codes, manage your inventory or update your weekly blog, our CMSs have you covered. As part of our eCommerce projects we provide full CMS training.

Custom Functionality

We can develop more in depth functionality and web applications to work seamlessly with your ecommerce site, allowing your site to perform a function becoming a powerful tool in your business model. Additional functionality we’ve developed in include:
  • Subscription Ecommerce sites.
  • A quiz system with custom ecommerce product results delivered via the quiz logic.
  • An "Airbnb-style" online booking system.
  • A custom drop shipping eCommerce site.
  • A 64million+ product site with live api feed stock integration.
  • Multi-currency options.
  • API stock and order feeds.
  • User login system with memberships.

Flexible Shipping Models

New statistics are showing that a positive shipping experience is more vital than ever for retaining customers at the point of sale. We provide flexible shipping models, supporting multiple carriers, which include instant direct courier quotes, international or UK only shipping, shipping charges based on preferred variables as well as options for free delivery.

Powerful Searching

Provide your users with the option to search keywords across your whole website or via advanced filtering into categories. Then, refine product searches by ordering results by variables such as product name and price. We provide intelligent site navigation allowing for easy browsing by product grouping, with automated site navigation features including menu navigation and ‘breadcrumb trails’.

Reports and Analysis

Our eCommerce solutions include industry leading reporting and analytics functionality. These analytics and reporting tools can include:
  • Comprehensive sales reports.
  • Sales by Products, category, range and best sellers.
  • Coupons and coupon usage.
  • Stock reports, and low stock/out of stock alerts.
  • Visitor statistics.
  • Sources of traffic.
  • Conversion rates.
Our solutions interested seamless with tools like Google analytics and Google Ecommerce, allowing metrics to be share and analysed on a host of platforms as required.

Enterprise Security

All our ecommerce sites use 128-bit encryption via an SSL certificate, the standard in website security, so your customers will have peace of mind that their orders are placed in a safe environment. Where necessary, we are also able to develop sites using the latest PCI compliance standards for online credit card payments. Security of your website and its data is a key considerate of our website development process. As such we take steps to ensure that your website and its data is kept secure from bots, hackers and virus/malware attempts, including reCAPTCHA v3, antivirus & firewall technology and limited use of third-party software.

SEO Optimized

As part of our website development process, our United States based SEO team will perform onsite optimization to ensure that your website is ranking for the right keywords and employ top tier SEO – positioning your site to generate enquiries and sales. Post-launch, we also offer a Nio SEO strategy, so you know what steps to take next.

Mobile Optimized

Every website we develop works seamlessly on mobile & tablets, ensuring excellent mobile performance utilizing responsive web design via proper coding. This establishes an optimal viewing experience across all devices, fully engaging both your desktop & mobile customers.

Creative & Professional

All of our websites are carefully designed and developed by our experienced United States based web developers, ensuring your site is a unique and professional. We have a collaborative design process, which considers our client’s feedback at every stage, ensuring design satisfaction.

Case Study


eCommerce Dropshipping Store

The NioGio team hit the ground running with Kanga. This company was searching for an agency that could help take their brand to the next level.

With our expertise in eCommerce design, we built a custom WooCommerce Platform to showcase products and increase customer conversions within the massive coffee industry. We also created a friendly way to purchase their products from a variety of product landing pages, along with a subscription option for customers. Kanga also took advantage of our social media marketing services.

NioGio Client Support

Monthly Management


Monthly Ecommerce Management

After completion of your project, NioGio offers what we call (MMPs) Monthly Management Program. With this program, you are able to utilize NioGio and Team, to get ongoing support that tailors to your project at either a small fee, or 100% free. We want our clients to succeed. It’s very simple. Not every client is prepared to enter their market after utilizing our services. With the NioGio Monthly Management Program, we completely customize your ongoing support to tailor to your needs, so it’s not just a basic retainer we are held on. We will work with you 1 on 1 to assure that you are getting the most out of us here at NioGio! MMPs include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Priority Access to Email Shat, Zoom, Skype and Phone Consultations
  • Priority Professional and Expert Advice to assist you and your business
  • Priority website maintenance, social media management, graphic design, SEO Services, development, as well as custom requests, including consultations
  • Ongoing work to develop, manage, boost your social media, including, design new graphics, site maintenance, creating new pages, promotion, functionality, content, etc
  • Routine ongoing maintenance and updates tailored to you as required
  • Ad Design, Management and Assistance
  • Technical support and Professional Business Advice



NioGio takes every Client seriously and offers top notch support to each and every one. Each client receives 2 weeks of priority support from us after the completion of your project. We will always be there to assist you with your needs, no matter the difficulty or situation. We hold a 92% Client Return Ratio, and our goal is to only increase that. Clients come back to NioGio because of their results, our team, our work, our support and because they loved working with us.

  • 2 Week support via Messenger, Skype, Zoom, Phone & Email
  • Free Consultations and Business Advice
  • Tech support and solving issues that may arise
  • Our Professional Opinion on what to do next for you to grow
  • Edits and Alterations for websites, graphics and more
  • Analyzation of your Metrics, Data and Analytics
  • Team overview to confirm your brand is preforming to the max
  • 1 session of Hands on full training to make sure you understand your brand

Managed & Supported

Sell, Brand, Dropship eCommerce Solutions

We offer complete eCommerce solutions for sites of all sizes and specifications. Whether it's from the beginning stages of Concept to Complete Revamp. Our eCommerce solutions are based on each clients needs. We can start you a brand or blow your brand awareness up with a complete custom eCommerce site. Assisting with dropshipping solutions, product solutions, payment terminals and more.

Once your eCommerce is ready to go live, we work with you to show you operation, perform a comprehensive Q&A, and you always have the option of our monthly retainer for continuous growth.


Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, a startup, small, medium or large business, we can help you.

We offer a FREE consultation after you submit your project through this form. After reviewing your business goals and needs, we will send you a custom proposal and a quote for your review. Please be as detailed as possible when describing what services your business is interested in as well as your goal for this project.

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