What Makes A Website Stand Out in 2022


Website design, in its current state, is a combination of art and science. The balance between aesthetics, usability, and conversion rates needs to be achieved for a website to succeed. As such, it's important that businesses invest in good UX design if they want their online presence to stand out in 2022.

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What is website design?

Web design is the process of creating a website and all its components. It involves the layout, graphics, and content. The purpose of web design is to create an easy-to-use, functional, and attractive website. The goal of web design is to attract visitors to your site so that you can develop a relationship with them that will generate leads for your business or organization.

An easy-to-use website

When it comes to SEO, a website should be easy to navigate. Users want to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily. This is why having a website that is easy to understand, use and access is so important. Your website should also be streamlined in terms of design. A clean layout that doesn’t overcomplicate the user experience will help draw people into your site and encourage them to stay there longer than they would otherwise have done if it was cluttered or confusing.

A truly seamless customer journey

Your website should not only be a good experience for users, but also be easy to navigate.

The customer journey is the path a customer takes from being aware of a problem to becoming a customer and then retaining that customer. It is important that this process is seamless, with no friction. It should also be easy for your visitors to follow so they can easily find the product or service they need quickly and efficiently.

A fast website

A fast website is important, because your users will be more likely to return if they don’t experience frustration. To make sure a website is fast, you should use the following tips:

  • Make sure that all images are optimized for download size. This means using lossless compression (like .png or .jpg) instead of lossy compression (like .jpeg). With this in mind, also consider using an image editing tool like Photoshop to reduce the file size even further by removing unnecessary metadata and optimizing colorspace and bit depth.
  • Create separate CSS and JavaScript files so that they can be cached by browsers as separate resources without affecting any other part of your site's design. If you're worried about caching issues with a static site generator or static host like Netlify, try compiling these assets on an off-site server where there's less chance for caching errors due to inconsistent page loads between users' browsers versus returning visitors' browsers who've already downloaded the files before coming back again next time!

A website that adapts to suit the user

In the past, websites were static and unresponsive. There was a time when they could only be viewed on desktops and laptops; but with the advent of smartphones, people have started using mobile devices more often than their computers. This means that designers need to make sure that their websites are optimized for mobile phones.

A user-friendly site should be responsive and adaptive because it will offer them a seamless experience regardless of what device they use to access it or what screen size gets displayed. It should also support different browsers like Safari for MacOSX or Android Browser for Android phones etc., so that your site doesn't look weird on any of them!

AI, chatbots and automation

AI and chatbots are becoming more common. With the rise of AI in recent years, it's only natural that people would start to use it on their websites. For instance, chatbots can help with customer service and sales by answering questions or handling purchases. When a customer has a question about a product or service on your website, they can simply ask the chatbot for answers and receive them quickly.

Chatbots can also be used as advertising tools as well—they can target ads based on information you provide them with (such as age range, who visits your site). This type of automation is likely to become more popular in 2022 because advertisers will want to reach out directly to potential customers without having to go through an expensive middleman like Google Ads or Facebook Ads (the latter being another trend we'll cover later).

Personalized content

Personalized content is a big part of what makes your website stand out in 2022. Personalization is based on data gathered from your users, including their location, time of day, device type and more.

Personalized content can be used to target ads to specific users based on their interests and past behavior. This is one reason why you should make sure that your site has JavaScript enabled – if it doesn't, Google won't be able to serve personalized ads for you because they won't know who's seeing them!

It's also important for user experience: personalized content can help build trust with visitors by giving them information that's relevant to them. For example: if someone on the West Coast visits a site about vacation destinations in Florida during hurricane season (which lasts from June 1 until November 30), they'd probably like some advice about where not to go!

Customized experiences based on data

We all want personalized experiences, and data can help you achieve this.

Data allows you to provide your customers with the most relevant information and the most useful content — which will improve their experience on your site.

Using data to personalize content is a great way of improving user engagement and encouraging them to become returning visitors or even loyal customers.

Voice search and expert SEO ratings

Voice search is the future. It's a no-brainer: voice search will be more accurate than typing, more convenient than typing, and more natural than typing. But that's not all! Voice searches are also more private than those performed via text entry—which means they're the perfect way to protect your privacy while searching the web.

Good UX design will be vital for a successful business website in 2022.

Good UX design will be vital for a successful business website in 2022.

UX design is more than just a pretty face; it’s about the experience of the user. Good UX design will help your business website stand out from the crowd and give you an edge over your competitors.

Final Thoughts

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Final Thoughts

Considering the importance of a website in the new digital economy, it’s easy to understand why many companies are investing their resources in improving their UX design. If your company is planning on launching a new website or revamping an existing one, then it’s time to get started on creating an interface that will engage your customers and boost your business.